Unlock Your Financial Freedom with Andrew Tate’s School: The Real World

Are you ready to escape the matrix and embark on a journey towards financial independence? Andrew Tate’s School presents ‘The Real World’, an innovative programme designed to arm you with 19 modern wealth creation strategies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, our curriculum is tailored to help you excel in the digital age.

Dive into Diverse Money-Making Avenues

The Real World isn’t just another online course; it’s a comprehensive blueprint to wealth. Our modules cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Learn how AI can be leveraged to automate your business, predict market trends, and create new opportunities for income.
  • Copywriting: Master the art of persuasive writing to sell more effectively online, whether through emails, product descriptions, or content marketing.
  • Freelancing: Discover how to market your skills and secure high-paying gigs in the booming gig economy.
  • eCommerce: Navigate the ins and outs of selling products online, from setting up your shop to optimising your sales funnel.
  • Amazon FBA: Get a step-by-step guide to launching a successful business on Amazon, including product selection and scaling your operations.
  • Investing in Stocks: Understand the stock market and learn strategies for long-term investment success.
  • Crypto: Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and how to profit from trading and investing in this digital asset class.
  • Business & Sales Mastery: Gain insights into building a successful business and mastering the art of sales to skyrocket your revenue.

Andrew Tate’s school ‘The Real World’ covers 19 modern wealth creation methods designed to help you Escape The Matrix. Join us and start your journey towards financial freedom today!

The choice is yours, Neo.

Do you want to escape or not?


Andrew Tate is a Former 4x kickboxing world champion and multi-millionare. He is the most Googled man on the planet.

We teach 19 modern wealth creation methods. You can see some of the course options below. Once you enter The Real World, you will be shown which courses are best for your current situation. It is up to you which course you start with.

This will depend on the effort you put in. Most students make money within their first month. Once inside, you will see how all other new students are performing. 

If you join The Real World, we will teach you how to make money from nothing. We have options for people who are cash poor time rich, cash poor time poor, cash rich time poor, and cash rich time rich time. All that is required is your consistent effort and discipline.




Marketing & business


Investing & Stocks


And much more...

The choice is yours, Neo.

Do you want to escape or not?